Here you are able to export the complete ROA data set for use in an existing BGP decision making workflow. The output will be in CSV, JSON or RPSL format and consist of all validated ROAs, minus your ignore filter entries, plus your whitelist additions. The output in RPSL format is in beta, please refer to the README for details.

Get CSV Get JSON Get RPSL These are stable links, so you can use a tool such as wget from cron to periodically get this export.


You can ask this RPKI Validator for validity information about a BGP announcement. You will get a response in JSON format containing the following data:


GET /api/v1/validity/:ASN/:prefix
Invalid (AS)/api/v1/validity/AS12654/
Invalid (length)/api/v1/validity/AS196615/
Not Found/api/v1/validity/AS12654/2001:7fb:ff03::/48

You can find additional documentation here.